Hugh MacLeod, MD, CCFP

Hugh has worked for more than two decades as a critical care nocturnalist (aka clinical associate). Trained in family medicine at McMaster Hugh followed the unlikely path of never having a family practice and working only in ICUs and ERs. Hugh is not an academic, however he enjoys watching the blood sport called academia.  Hugh is a website applicateur.   He is responsible for the machinations of the C4 website as well as the following internet oddities, and  All of Hugh’s internet shenanigans are open source. He has been using Linux longer than he has been in critical care and he does not have a beard


Tweeting: @mobilehugh



Sara Gray, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Sara Gray is an emergency physician and ICU attending at St. Micheal’s Hospital in Toronto. In addition to being a founding member of the CAEP Critical Care Committee (C4), she is also the Medical Director of Emergency Preparedness at St. Mike’s. Despite holding multiple positions, Dr. Gray still finds time to stay well, by staying in touch with her family and maintaining mindfulness. Her love for running and the outdoors, keeps her active and grounded. Check out how she stays healthy in emergency medicine!

Julian Owen MD, FRCPC

My research interests include airway management, massive hemorrhage, post-cardiac arrest care, and the ED-ICU interface. I am very interested in quality patient care and sit on the emergency department and critical care quality care committees. Other clinical duties include the medical director for Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Hamilton Health Sciences, the educational lead for our rapid response team at the Hamilton General Hospital and as a physician member of the Code Blue and Central Line Infection committees.