C4 goes C5

The CAEP Critical Care Committee webpage has moved to the Cloud. That is a lot of Cs. There will likely be some interruptions. Moving a website from one server to another is like moving a house from one foundation to another. This has also proved a good time to change to emicu.ca. The dot CA domains are a bit janky, but that is the price of patriotism.

C4 Meeting at CAEP 2017 Minutes

2017 CAEP Critical Care Committee (C4) Meeting

Whistler, B.C.

Sunday, June 4th, 12:15-1:15pm (Whistler Local Time)

Whistler Conference Centre – Spearhead Room


Present: Matthew White, David Messenger, Adam Szulewski, Brian Grunan, Rob Stenstrom, Sameer Sharif, Shannon Fernando, Julian Owen, Sara Gray, Frank Scheuermeyer, Hugh McLeod

Welcome and Membership Review
New members were welcomed and an updated email list will be sent out shortly.

New C4 Website
Thanks to Hugh McLeod, our new website is emicu.net! It will be under construction for the next little while so stay tuned. The new website works through WordPress, which will allow updating on an ongoing basis. Previous web addresses emicu.org, emicu.com, and emicu.ca all point to emicu.net. Unfortunately, we’ve lost most of the member profiles, so I will send out an email asking members to re-submit their bios.

Make sure to follow @CAEPC4 and to tweet @CAEPC4 any ED-ICU content you think should be shared. There is a Twitter feed on the website that is constantly populated with @CAEPC4 tweets.

C4 Endorsements
We were approached last year to endorse a guideline by the CAEP Standards Committee. CAEP has a formal process for endorsement and may reach out to C4 for guidance in future. I will meet with Suneel and further discuss this and possibly a formal process for our group. More to come.

Current Projects
Extubation guideline: we will complete a Delphi to complete this guideline due to a lack of evidence in the primary literature.
CanadiEM is looking for assistance developing their critical care content and requested help with a vasopressor and ventilator how-to. Matt White and Dave Messenger are interested and will contact Teresa Chan.
Next project? A guideline on initial ventilator settings in the ED was suggested. If interested in taking this on, or any other projects, please let me know.

CAEP C4 2017 Meeting Whistler

Dr Owen Is In the Haus

Had a lovely chat with Julian this morning in the Hamilton General’s cafe the Barton Bean. The proof of concept for using WordPress as the new C4 site has been accepted and Julian will be tapping members to get involved soon. If you want to see your Twittering appear on the sidebar include @caepc4 and Sameer (our social media guru) will pass it along.


This is the new website for the C4 group. Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Critical Care Committee. This page is nominally not public. It is here for the members to look at and play with before it becomes the front facing web site.

This site uses wordpress and the theme called suffusion. It is as close to the old site as one can get. There are few things to figure out. Like how to work the profiles pages. Is this going to have blog content or not.

WordPress allows multiple administrators or contributors or even good old membership.